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How does The Online Spanish School work?

The Online Spanish School was developed to find a simple way to link up anyone who wants to learn Spanish with professional instructors in various Central American cities who have the training and experience in teaching Spanish as a 2nd Language. This is a constant work in progress, however, we will always strive to make it simple, enjoyable and beneficial to both the students and the teachers.


Items you will need for online classes:

1. Computer PC or Mac
2. High Speed Internet Connection - Dialup will not work.
3. Headset with microphone (Mic and speakers will work).
4. FREE downloadable communication program (SKYPE ).
5. Web cam - optional but it allows you to see your teacher.
6. Desire to learn Spanish!

Items you will need for classes by phone:

1. Home, office or cellular phone
2. Desire to learn Spanish!

With these simple items we can start your LIVE online or Spanish by phone lessons.

What are the steps to start taking online classes?

1. Download & Install SKYPE
2. Set up your microphone, headset and web cam.
3. Set up a class time(s).
4. Pay for your classes.
5. Set up a test session with us to be sure everything is working properly.
6. Be online at class time.

What are the steps to start taking classes by phone?

1. Enroll with us and provide us your contact number.
2. Set up a class time(s).
3. Pay for your classes.
4. Set up a test call with us to be sure everything is working properly.
5. Be by the phone at class time.

The above steps are VERY easy and we are available to help you when and if you need our help. If needed we can have tech support call you and help you configure your computer.

Skpe Video Call



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