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Return/Refund Policy- The Online Spanish School?

Thomas Lingenfelter
PO Box 1954
Huntsville, TX 77342
Tel: +956 622-7977
Fax: +206 888-1778

Q. Do you offer a Guarantee?

A. Our Guarantee is simple...if you are not satisfied with your class we will schedule a new class with a different teacher FREE OF CHARGE.

Q.What happens if I miss a class?

A. You may reschedule your class 48 hours before class time with no penalty. If you reschedule 48 hours or less before your class or are not available at class time you will be charged for the class.

Q. What happens if the power or Internet goes out?

A. If for any reason we have a technical problem, power or Internet outage or if for some reason your teacher is not available for your class, we will reschedule your class at no charge.


Thomas Lingenfelter - PO Box 1954 Huntsville TX 77342
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