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If You Need To Study Spanish For ANY Reason...We Can Help.

Spanish For Children

Do you Home School? We can help your child study Spanish from your own home. Live one on one classes with interactive activities are fun for kids of all ages.

Spanish For Travellers

Planning a trip to Mexico, Central or South America? Study Spanish before you travel. This will enhance your trip and let you communicate much better with locals.

Medical Spanish

Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Hospital Staff listen up. Be the go to person on call when Medical Spanish is needed. Job Security never felt so good.

Legal/Social Spanish

Do you work with immigrants or immigrant communities? Knowing how to speak Spanish is essential for outreach and community building programs.

Conversational Spanish

Would you just like to be able to have a conversation in Spanish with a coworker or friend? Let us helps you become conversationally fluent...It's Easy!

Business Spanish

Help your company open new accounts with Spanish speaking clients. Market your service or product to Spanish speakers. Tap huge new markets.

Hear What Our Clients Say About Us...

"I had been using Duolingo and other apps to study Spanish but I needed someone to actually talk to me and correct me as we go. This really worked for me."
RobertB - I loved the Online Spanish School
Robert C.
Social Worker
"I want to thank Marilu. You took me, a complete beginner, and made me into a Spanish speaker. I can now communicate with my Latino patients."
Linda K Thank you for Teaching me Spanish
Linda W.
"Thank you! I just returned from a business conference in Central America. I was so confident and prepared. You guys did it!. Happy beyond words!"
brenda W Spanish was easy with The Online Spanish School
Brenda L.
Call Center Manager

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Define Your Schedule.  You and your teacher can work out the details of what days and times you wish to take lessons.

Step 3

Make your payment online using Pay Pal or a Credit Card for a block of class hours.  Most student buy 5 or 10 classes to start you can buy more classes anytime.

Step 4

Start Learning Spanish!

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  • 60 Minute Classes
  • LIVE Instructor

20 Classes

$400 $300
  • 60 Minute Classes
  • LIVE Instructor

Book Your FREE Live Spanish Lesson

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Thank you for considering our Spanish program.   The Online Spanish School is a family owned business in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.  We appreciate you and will always work hard to make your time with us as productive and enjoyable as possible.  Study Spanish Live Online.

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